Confluence Contours

Geospatial Consulting

Confluence Geospatial Services is one of the largest Geospatial consulting companies in Malaysia in Southeast Asia with over 100 Geospatial Consultants actively engaged in delivering value all over the world.

Geospatial Consulting

We are Geo Software Troubleshooters, Educators, Technical Writers, Consultants, Unbiased Advisors, and Implementation experts that help thousands of Geospatial users on a weekly basis.

Customers worldwide benefit from our Geospatial knowledge and experience every day.

Geo-expertise in every industry

Whatever your need we can support your mission to deliver geospatial expertise to meet your project or organizational needs.

Deep and Broad Expertise in Oil and Gas, Electrical and Water Utilities, Telecom, Cadaster, Commercial, Environmental analysis and Agriculture. Our Broad and Deep Geo technical expertise is unmatched and the cornerstone and bedrock of our core competencies.

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